Once your on-site survey is complete and your designs specified, we‘ll start your installation.

We pride ourselves on always delivering a trouble-free installation in industry-beating lead times: just one to two days on standard kitchens.

By conducting our own on-site survey and using the highest skilled installers we ensure our kitchens, bedrooms and specialist solutions always meet the exact requirements of your design, greatly increasing the speed that our skilled fitters can complete your installation.


In any new home the kitchen is extremely important in the overall decision to buy. Our designers are able to create kitchen solutions that deliver on every level, from sheer style and beauty to practicality and affordability.

Our designers will work with you to produce designs to your specifications, either in CAD visuals, pencil or watercolour presentations.

We urge our customers to take full advantage of this free service, which can help you to avoid unnecessary and costly complications further down the line.

Remedial Service

In the event of any component of your kitchen, bedroom or other furniture solution being damaged or lost in transit or during the fitting process, we guarantee a 48-hour delivery to site on most components. We understand that a delayed handover costs you money.

Customer Service

Our dedicated Customer Service teams are challenged with ensuring that every project runs smoothly from start to finish and that we as a business deliver on our commitments, including our:

  • Industry-beating service ethic
  • Unmatched lead times
  • Rigorous quality assurance
  • Perfect installation first time, on time, every time.

We proactively contact you at each stage of your project, phoning at preset intervals to ensure that the project is always on schedule and that you are entirely satisfied with our services.

If at any time you do need to call us, your dedicated project manager will be on hand to discuss your queries.