Open plan living is here to stay making the kitchen not just the heart of the home but the centre-piece of the ground floor. Here at Lanzet we’re often asked for our expert advice on up-coming kitchen trends. Kitchens are key when choosing a newbuild home- not just one that is current, but also one that will stand the test of time.

In the first of three blog posts on ‘how to choose the right kitchens for your development’, I will be covering style, surfaces and storage!


Contemporary handless doors with aluminium rails are a popular choice and create a sleek look suited to a modern style newbuild. They come in a range of colour options, giving your clients the options to personalise their kitchen to suit their own taste.

The Cornwall by Lanzet is a beautiful shaker style kitchen and has a modern twist to its traditional design. Its chunky frame brings a hint of character and it can be accessorised for a heritage feel or looks equally as good with modern kitchenware.

Two tone kitchens are increasingly popular, contrasting two different colours or two different styles of doors is a way of adding interest to the kitchen. The Hampshire by Lanzet in Graphite and Light Grey.


Even the most reluctant cooks have been forced to spend more time creating in the kitchen in the last 14 months, and ample surface space makes food prep so much easier.

Dark surfaces work well as an accent to paler furniture or woodgrains- creating a dramatic contrast. Laminate worktops are more durable than they have ever been and realistically imitate granite, quartz and wood as a cost-effective alternative. Modern, 20mm, square edged worktops are set to be big in 2021-2022.

There has been a woodgrain revival in work surfaces and Egger have just released their new ‘Feelwood’ range which comes in a 25 mm or 38mm square edge. For urban ‘loft living’ the concrete look surface is in high demand. It is modern yet versatile and creates the ever-popular Nordic feel suited to city-centre apartments.


Can we ever have enough storage? I know I can’t- I seem to accumulate storage containers (often without lids), kid’s water bottles, kitchen gadgets and much, much more. The most efficient use of space in kitchens is incredibly appealing.

A really popular customer extra order we receive, is for corner pull out systems. They maximise the space right into the corner of cupboards which would ordinarily be home to a forgotten about sprouting potato or two! A pull out allows you to easily organise your crockery in a way that you can easily see.

Island units have made a huge comeback and it’s easy to see why. Not only do they look good in an open plan design but they also serve multiple practical purposes; seating, storage and food preparation area. Potential homebuyers will envisage entertaining in their new kitchen with friends sat round the island while dinner is in the oven. We particularly love this one…

Hopefully, this has provided some insight into what the Lanzet team consider important in terms of style, surfaces and storage. In the next blog post I’ll be covering: future growth of the family, appliances and accessories.

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